ESG1 | Exhaust Steam Generator
Standard and Optional Equipment List

HRSG | Heat Recovery Steam Generator
Standard ESG1/ESG Packaged Equipment
  • Modulating Exhaust Bypass Assembly
  • Finned Tube Heat Transfer Assembly
  • Steam Flash Tank Assembly
  • Main Control Panel for Single Voltage Connection
  • VFD Circulating Pump
  • Low and High Water Alarms
  • Modulating Feedwater Valve
  • Surface and Bottom Blowdown
  • Steam Pressure Control
Optional ESG1/ESG Electrical Components
  • Low-Low Water Level Cutout with Manual Reset
  • Secondary High Water Level Cutout with Manual Reset
  • Dry Contacts for Standard Trim Alarm and Boiler Function
  • Modbus Remote Monitoring Controls Communication System
  • Main Control Panel Air Conditioner
  • Control Voltage Battery Backup
  • PLC Indicating Controller Upgrade
Optional ESG1/ESG Mechanical Components
  • Internal Boiler Exhaust Economizer
  • Automatic Timed Sootblower
  • Pneumatic Modulating Exhaust Bypass Actuator
  • Pneumatic Modulating Boiler Feed Assembly
  • Automatic Surface Blowdown Control System
  • Automatic Main Blowdown Control System
  • Surface Blowdown Sampler
  • Steam Flash Drum Vacuum Breaker
  • Exhaust Bypass Spectacle Blind Plate
  • Exhaust Explosion Relief Hatch
  • Chemical Injection Quill
Optional ESG1/ESG Field Installation Equipment
  • Condensate Feedwater Systems and Boiler Feedwater Pumps
  • Water Treatment: Water Softeners, Chemical Feed and Deaerator
  • Steam Stop and Check Valves
  • Exhaust Piping, Elbows and Tees
  • Expansion Joints: Cloth Type and Stainless Bellows
  • Pre-made Snap-on Insulation Wrap for All Water, Steam, Exhaust Piping, Elbows, Tees, Flanges and Components
  • Structural Support Stands
  • Blowdown Separator