HRSA - Heat Recovery Silencer Axial Cogeneration Series

For Compact Cylindrical Design

Cain Industries HRSA - Heat Recovery Silencer Axial Cogeneration Series

Specifically designed for small engine sizes, the HRSA waste heat recovery silencers are compact cylindrical heat exchangers designed for either dual or single exhaust small engines. There are 65 standard models available to meet the specific design-performance criteria. In addition to lowered exhaust noise, the unique coil type configuration and optional circulating pump allows for a secondary circulating liquid flow system. 1" NPT interconnecting piping, to and from a main liquid flow loop, provides for simple and less costly special piping modification changes. The required heat transfer surface coupled with a small water flow diversion from the main flow adequately recovers desired BTU/hr performance and controlled outlet exhaust temperatures as required. An optional internal or external stainless steel exhaust bypass can also allow tempering or full control of the exit temperature when required.

The HRSA design utilizes full counter flow heat transfer for achieving very low outlet exhaust gas temperatures. All stainless steel construction for specific condensing applications is available. The HRSA can be mounted vertically or horizontally as required. The HRSA with its lightweight construction and cylindrical configuration, lowers the exhaust from 1,000°F to 300°F with a 25 dBA reduction while operating with natural gas or diesel fuel oil.

Engine Exhaust Application
Capacity: 15 to 150 kW
Entering gas temps: 400° to 1,600°F
Heat Sink Types: engine jacket water, process water, boiler water or ethylene glycol

  • Stainless or carbon steel fin tube coil (optional fixed or removable ASME stamp)
  • Carbon steel shell, .13" thickness (optional stainless and/or factory insulation)
  • Exhaust connections: flange, butt or NPT
  • Stainless steel diverter drum (optional internal exhaust bypass)
  • Condensate drain (vertical or horizontal position)
  • Mounting brackets for vertical or horizontal operation