Cain Industries is a manufacturer of waste heat recovery systems for the following markets:   gas & diesel cogeneration systems, boiler exhaust stack economizer systems, and fume incineration systems.

Cain Industries Boiler Economizers
Fume Incinerators Finned Tubing

Cain Industries is a leading designer and producer of combustion exhaust heat transfer products. With over 3 decades in business, our successful experience in lowering fuel costs and reducing pollution makes Cain the first choice for both the combustion retrofit and OEM exhaust heat recovery markets.

We set ourselves apart as the only manufacturer producing a complete spectrum of exhaust heat recovery products for markets including: gas & diesel cogeneration, boiler exhaust, fume incineration, and industrial spiral finned tubing.

Cain Industries has developed 14 complete product lines with over 2,100 standard models for the right choice for recovering btu from exhaust applications.

Cain Industries is your single source for 'boiler economizers', 'condensing heat exchangers', 'waste heat recovery systems', 'waste heat boilers' (WHB), 'heat recovery units' (HRU), 'heat recovery silencers' (HRS), 'feedwater preheaters', 'heat recovery steam generators' (HRSG), and 'exhaust steam boilers'.

For more information about Cain Industries, or for a detailed cost savings analysis and quotation on your heat recovery application, request a quote online, contact us via email, or call us toll free at:  1-800-558-8690.

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