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Request For Quotation (RFQ)

Access the RFQ (Application Data Form) with complete instructions below to receive a detailed equipment proposal for the following:  performance, BTU savings, ROI, detailed quotation, equipment submittal drawings, and a recommended flow diagram.

RFQ  Combustion Exhaust Heat Exchanger

Recovering exhaust heat from any engine or turbine (large or small) for:   Exhaust gas heat recovery silencers, Combustion exhaust economizers, & High temperature heat exchangers.

RFQ  Boiler Exhaust Economizer

Recovering exhaust heat from power or atmospheric fired boilers: Scotch marine, Water tube, for all boiler sizes, fuel types, operating pressures for:   Rectangular or Cylindrical designed exhaust packaged economizers.

RFQ  Exhaust Steam Generator

Recovering exhaust heat from any engine, turbine (large or small), fume incinerator, all fuel types, low and high pressure designs for:  packaged Exhaust steam generators.

RFQ  Finned Tubing

For individual finned tubing requirements such as specific straight lengths or formed finned tubing, or specialized finned tubing heat exchangers.

Request for Quote (RFQ)
Simple process...

1.  Select, Complete, & Submit the online 'RFQ Form'.

2.  An auto-response confirmation will be sent immediately to the email address you provide on the form.

3.  A complete system proposal will then be issued to you promptly from Cain Sales/Engineering.

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