Waste Heat Recovery

Waste Heat Recovery

Greater energy savings with guaranteed waste heat recovery performance.

A heat exchanger is specialized equipment that recovers heat from one source and transfers it to another. Waste heat recovery uses the exhaust heat from an engine, boiler or other fuel burning process as its energy source. The combustion exhaust is channeled through the heat exchanger. The inside of the exchanger is lined with finned tubing, which is called a core. Tube finning provides a greater surface area for increased heat recovery efficiency. A liquid "heat sink" flows through the fin tube that absorbs heat and transports the BTUs to a desired application. The fast moving molecules of the hot exhaust collide with the slower cold fin tube molecules and transfer energy by means of conduction. The gas molecules cool as the tube molecules gain in heat. The same transfer of heat occurs between the fin tube and heat sink. The heat sink is completely isolated from the exhaust gases and remains pure.

Cain Industries dedicated years of research and development to create waste heat recovery equipment that performs consistently in the most brutal of exhaust heat environments. Designed, engineered and hand built in the U.S.A. to operate reliably for decades. Waste heat recovery significantly reduces the fuel required to maintain combustion output. 30% to 50% of the valuable waste heat previously released into the atmosphere is now recovered and transferred back into the process… Saving energy and eliminating the related pollution!

Contact Cain Industries today for the best in waste heat recovery. We'll calculate the exact performance of installed equipment with minimal input: combustion conditions, operating hours and fuel cost.

We guarantee the performance of every waste heat recovery system we build!