Museum Exhaust Heat Recovery Case Study


The Chicago Museum of Science and Industry

Chicago, IL
Heat Exchange Focus:

ESG1 - Exhaust Steam Generator Series

Installation consists of one Cain ESG1-820D17CSS steam generator model. The unit is recovering 3,467,000 BTUs per hour from a 1750 kW QSV91 engine. The heat sink of 3,573 PPH generated steam (40 PSIG) is produced by reducing the engine exhaust gas temperature from 941°F to 346°F (4,761 SCFM).

Payback vs. Fuel Savings (per unit)
Unit Cost: $101,802
Payback: 8.9 Months
Annual ROI: 134%
Annual Fuel Savings: $136,883
Life Expectancy Fuel Savings: $2,737,660 (20 years)

The Museum of Science and Industry opened in 1933 and is visited by over two million people annually. It is the largest science museum housed in a single building (approx. 665,000 square feet) in the Western hemisphere. Heat recovered by the Cain Industries ESG1 is used for space heating and to run a 10,000 CFM desiccant humidifier.

Museum Exhaust Heat Recovery Case Study