Hospital Exhaust Heat Recovery Case Study


Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital

Oconomowoc, WI
Heat Exchange Focus:

FCR - Fin Coil Recovery Series (3 units)

Installation consists of three Cain FCR-1L3816ALS heat transfer models. Each unit is recovering 408,000 BTUs per hour from its paired 300 HP steam boiler. The heat sink temperature of the boiler feedwater (22 GPM) is being raised from 227°F to 266°F by reducing the boiler exhaust gas temperature from 425°F to 302°F (12,553 SCFM).

Payback vs. Fuel Savings (per unit)
Unit Cost: $19,234
Payback: 16.2 Months
Annual ROI: 74%
Annual Fuel Savings: $14,231
Life Expectancy Fuel Savings: $284,620 (20 years)

Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital is a 75-bed, general acute-care hospital. Built by the community in 1954, Oconomowoc Memorial has since grown to become one of the most exceptional community hospitals in the country. Cain heat recovery units are used to recover exhaust waste heat from steam boilers and preheat boiler feedwater. This results in reduced fuel costs for the hospital.

Hospital Exhaust Heat Recovery Case Study